Drown Team

Mark O’Callaghan: Visionary-in-Chief

An independent filmmaker and audio engineer, Mark was over hot, uncomfortable headsets that didn’t offer truly authentic audio. Tireless research and thousands of prototypes later, Mark is passionate about introducing Drown to the world and changing your perception of audio. They are that good.

David Law: CEO

Among his many accomplishments, David founded Speck Products and helped Target, a Fortune 50 company, to reimagine retail. David has bootstrapped and sold many companies and knows how to take ideas from sketch to store shelves. As an entrepreneur and as an innovator, David knows a good idea when he sees one and he is ready to take Drown to the next level.


Jessica Hardwick- CMO

Jessica brings a wealth of  Silicon Valley experience, as founder and CEO of 2 innovative startups and a successful digital marketing firm. She has led digital marketing teams for large organizations, including Cedars-Sinai Hospital and Genomic Health, and consulted for companies that include 20th Century Fox and Telemundo.

Ken McCorkindale: Product Design

A product designer and entrepreneur, Ken has 25 years’ experience bringing products to market. He developed products for some of the world’s leading brands and raised over £7m from investors for the award-winning Ewgeco energy monitor. In 2017, Kenneth founded Productworks, a design and innovation consultancy focused on products that make life better.

Joe MacKechnie: Product Design Engineer

Joe is the whole package. Artist, gamer, creative thinker, engineer – he can take a product through each phase, from concept to production. Innovative solutions and an iterative design process have defined Joe’s work as a design engineer and as an invaluable part of the Drown team.

Kristian Lawrence: Video Producer 

As a director, videographer, composer and writer, Kristian has an extensive background in both film and marketing, and has been an integral part of capturing the Drown experience on film.


Simon Marshall - PR Manager

Among his many accomplishments in the gaming universe, Simon created GlesGames, a popular Glasgow-based multiplayer video game event. He has been featured in gaming publications and sites such as PCGamesN and Waypoint. 

Adam Malvern- Digital Community Manager

A gamer to his core, Adam has been competing for Xbox game Halo at tournaments across the UK for the last seven years. Tournament play has earned him sponsorship deal and prize money. He has finished as a top-6 UK player two different times. He also credits gaming for teaching him the importance of teamwork.


Samantha Adcock- Creative Manager

As owner of her own design company, Samantha is accustomed to wearing many hats and working under tight deadlines. A creative and forward-thinking perfectionist, Sam is a perfect fit for an innovative company like Drown.


Julie Pliska- Content Manager

Julie has created content for a wide variety of industries including Goldwell USA, The Hollywood Reporter, and multiple startups. Julie loves words and is a passionate protector of the English language.