Game-Changing Tactile Audio

World's First Earphones for Gaming

Drown is not just an upgrade. This is a new audio hardware platform. Our tactile earphones are game-changing technology. 

Drown triggers all 3 audio pathways to your brain, for the world’s most advanced situational awareness. The deepest bass possible, delivered with real-life audio, creates an unparalleled immersive gaming experience.

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Brand New Technology

Drown outperforms even big headphones loaded with 7.1 surround, multiple speakers, and built-in amplifiers. So, how does something so small deliver such realistic, immersive sound? The short answer is really advanced physics.

Game-Changing Immersion

Drown tactile earphones deliver sound exactly as nature intended. Hear precise audio cues and perceive your surroundings with pinpoint accuracy, as if it were a true physical space.

Proven Performance

Drown is an experienced team of gamers, visionaries, engineers and creative thinkers. We have successfully launched companies and brought products to market. Our established tooling partners are standing by to begin mass production.

Want to Know More?

As our launch date approaches, we will be sharing more details about how you can get Drown in your ears. Meanwhile, check out our FAQ page for additional info.

Drown Coverage

Drown – In Ear Headphones that let you hear everything

“Editor and Chief of Pixel Magazine here, we had a chance to try them at Gamescom. What can we say, everything they promise is real. We were speechless after trying them. I mean, before we were also skeptical but this could be a massive Game Changer.”

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Drowning in My Own Sense of Awe

Here at Nintendad, we love an innovative product almost as much as we love video games. We’ve promoted a few over the last year, and when Drown Audio invited us for a meet and greet and offered us the chance to try their innovative new product, we jumped at the chance.

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Scottish audio company, Drown, launches game-changing tactile earphones on Indiegogo today

Get ready for a gaming evolution.

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, August 20, 2019 / — Scottish-based audio hardware company, Drown, are thrilled to announce that their tactile gaming earphones are launching via Indiegogo today.

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Drown-Proven Earphones

“The rain on the umbrella is the one whose effect struck me the most: the sound of the water really came from ABOVE my head , and not only in my surroundings.”

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Drown Provides Tactile Audio Experience to Gamers

“…patented sound technology that takes gaming to the next level with tactile audio…earphones that are cool-looking and small, yet provide a full sound experience.”

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Drown: Revolutionary Gaming In-Ears at Gamescom

“Drown delivers such realistic sounds that you think you are live and in the middle of it all. Drown is a Scotland-based audio hardware company. The team has developed a completely new audio platform to create a unique sound experience.”

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Game-Changing Audio

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“...I think it potentially is the future in gaming…”
House of Gamers Manager
“...I don't think you can compare them to other headphones at all...”
Lewis Blogs Games
“...Basically, we just had a really unfair advantage...!”
Esports Emrys