The Company

What happens when an innovative Canadian Filmmaker/Sound Engineer with a brilliant idea meets a Silicon Valley technophile with a knack for sniffing out brilliant ideas? Audio magic.

After testing hundreds of headphones over many years, Founder Mark O’Callaghan knew there had to be a better option. He had tried them all: top-of-the-line over-ear cans, custom-molded IEMs, Electrostatic drivers, noise-canceling electronics...and ultimately came away disappointed and dissatisfied with the sound quality and comfort he found on the market.

Inspired by the shape of the human ear, Mark started building and experimenting with designs to deliver a superior audio experience. His discoveries and subsequent patents are the basis for Drown tactile earphones.

drown earphone renderings

In 2018 Mark partnered with David Law, a Silicon Valley design veteran with a knack for taking great ideas to market. Among his many accomplishments, David co-founded Speck and grew it to be one of the leading case and accessory brands worldwide. 

Since forming Drown, Mark and David are committed to bringing this technology to as many ears as possible. We believe that audio can make a huge difference in everybody's life. Over the last year, we have 3D printed over 1,000 design iterations in order to perfect the way our audio is delivered. Designed specifically with gamers in mind, Drown’s first production run of tactile earphones will be available for retail sale in early 2020. Hear what listeners are saying.

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