Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How much does it cost?

A: Drown’s MSRP will be $165 USD, £155.00 GBP (incl. VAT), and €155 (incl. VAT) Using a different currency from the one displayed? Check out the little drop-down at the top right to change it! Pre-order now to save 25%.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: Shipping is free in the US and UK, it is £15 in the rest of the world for the single set. More shipping info here.

Q: When will Drown be shipping to early backers?

A: The not-so-good news is that assembly has been delayed, due to growing concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. This is a situation that is beyond our control, but we will do everything we can to resume assembly ASAP. We apologize for the delay and promise to let you know when we have a new shipping date. Drown is dedicated to delivering your product with minimal delays - of course, at this point, our main concern is the health and well-being of everyone affected by this virus.

Q: Why are you offering 'pre-sales?'

A: We are using pre-sales to help us gauge numbers for our second production run. In exchange for this relatively short wait time, you will get Drown tactile earphones at a 25% savings.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: See our warranty and return policy here.

Q: Can I try a pair for free?

a: Our Affiliate Program offers special Drown incentives for our partners. Interested? Contact us:

Q: What makes Drown different from other earphones?

A: Drown patented technology delivers audio differently from any other earphones. Like many high-end headphones, we start with a high-quality graphene driver. But, it’s how we deliver audio that makes us truly different. Drown tactile earphones work differently in three different ways:

Drown engineers designed a unique audio wave to guide and sculpt sound waves from our driver directly into your ear canal. This tactile system triggers outstanding spatial and physical awareness. With Drown, there is no loss of audio to the outside world.

Stimulate the nerves in your Pinna, or outer ear. Drown earphones let you feel sounds below the normal 20Hz range of hearing. This nerve stimulation also helps to process additional information, telling us whether sound is coming from left or right, front or behind, above or below us.

The third audio pathway is bone and cartilage conduction. Drown earphones direct vibrations to mimic the way we feel and perceive sound in the real world.

Q: What makes Drown’s sound superior?

A: Drown is different from anything else on the market. Our tactile earphones use waveguide, nerve stimulation, and bone and cartilage conduction to hit all 3 audio pathways in your brain.

Q: Can Drown be used with a phone?

A: Yes. Drown can be used with any device that uses a 3.5 mm jack.

Q: Is there a wireless version?

A: Drown is wired for the ultimate real-time gaming experience. Join our mailing list for updates on future plans for our product!

Q: Does Drown really block out all outside sound?

A: The snug fit helps feed sound directly into your ear, while passively blocking out environmental noise. The better the fit, the more environmental noise will be blocked. (See below for more info about fit)

Q: Does it come in different sizes? How do you determine?

A: Yes. Fit is very important to us. All ears are not created equal and proper fit is key to optimizing Drown. Each box will contain a range of seal sizes and a fit guide. This allows you to find the one that rests snugly yet comfortably into your ear.

Q: Does Drown fit everyone’s ear?

A: Our research shows that Drown will be a good fit for virtually any ear with one of our sizing options. If you don’t find the right fit, please let us know: Moving forward, we are also planning custom options for special needs.

Q: Are they comfortable?

A: Drown’s supple noise isolation seals with tactile crossover plus different sizing options make them really comfy, even for all-night gaming sessions!

Q: Does Drown work for VR? I find VR headsets lacking in sound quality.

A: You won’t be disappointed! Drown tactile earphones trick your brain into thinking you are actually there, making them perfect for VR.

Q: Are there any negative health effects?

A: In the UK, employers must provide hearing protection at 85 decibels. Any earphones or headphones playing louder than 85 decibels can be unsafe. Please use responsibly.

Q: What is the microphone quality?

A: The microphone that comes as standard is a unidirectional noise-canceling mic, designed specifically for the gaming market. It has excellent pickup and clarity.

Q: What is the Impedance?

A: Drown’s impedance is 32 Ohms

Q: All 3D in-ears have surround sound that’s done virtually through software. What do your headphones do differently from others in this regard?

A: Glad you asked! This is correct, all in-ears have the ability to deliver surround sound through audio in the way you describe. Drown earphones supplement the acoustic in-air audio (found in all earphones) with acoustics in solids. More specifically, we transmit the vibrational characteristics from the audio waves to the nerves in your ear. Your 3D gaming experience feels like the real deal.

We also provide increased isolation and more realistic bass due to the vibration, which makes the audio feel more genuine. Most earphones and headphones attempt to isolate driver vibration. Drown tactile earphones actually promote driver vibration, to harness more of the bass response and deliver it to the nerves in your ear and your temporal bone.

Q: Will they have a mono setting? It’s hard to find good headphones for gaming when you’re deaf in one ear.

A: Mono setting is not achieved through the hardware itself and would have to be done via the console. 

Q: What kind of driver units are in these?

A: Drown tactile earphones use high-quality graphene drivers.

Q: Is the cable detachable?

A:Yes. The boom mic is attached with a 2.5 mm jack. This means you can detach to wear Drown whilst you are out and about!

Q: What quality is the mic?

A: The Drown microphone is a unidirectional noise-canceling mic, designed specifically for the gaming market. Our mic has excellent pickup and clarity. It is included with your Drown pre-order.

Q: How does Drown compare to Nura?

A: Nuraphone does not use a waveguide to condense the audio in a way that increases quality. We also stimulate the nerves on the outside of the ear through material contact which enhances spatial awareness. There are a lot of differences, Nuraphone is a very good product but we think Drown is better.

Q: All 3D in-ear monitors have surround sound that’s done virtually through software. Either by guessing the direction of incoming sound data and exaggerating it or by simply receiving a signal that’s already been made aurally 3d. I’m curious, what do your headphones do differently from others in this regard?

A: Again it’s mainly the difference in the fact that ours give tactile vibration and situational awareness. Meaning that we translate the audio signals into vibration as well as giving them acoustically as well.

Q: How does this compare to 7.1 surround sound?

A:  5.1 and 7.1 surround sound headphones are not designed for how the human ear or brain perceive space, depth or direction in real-life situations. Drown stimulates every audio receptor in our heads the same way nature does, but with better bass. 😎We’ve had overwhelmingly positive responses from people who own and love high quality 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound headphones with multiple speakers.

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