Drown Updates

Hiya, Drown Supporter -

These are strange days indeed, as we all try to adjust to a rapidly changing world. Like most of you, our Drown team is going day by day. Striving to keep production moving, we are coordinating with multiple suppliers in countries around the world as we meet new and ever-changing challenges. There has been a lot of progress since our last update, along with a few setbacks. As promised, we will always share confirmed, updated information with you as we have it. Here is the latest:

- Our manufacturing partners in Asia are (mostly) back to work. 
- Each phase of the production process is tested extensively before final approval. An adjustment was required after T2 testing to deliver the highest quality audio and long-wearing comfort; these improvements are currently in progress.
- We are quality testing the boom mic and cable assemblies this week.
- Carrying cases meet specifications, requiring only a minor interior tweak.
- Packaging prototypes have been evaluated and only require a minor tweak.
- Our UK partner is still up and running, though with fewer workers. However, they are prioritising projects for the NHS (as they should be), adding uncertainty to the timing of these parts.

Unfortunately, this is going to affect the production and shipping dates of your Drown tactile earphones. We are so sorry to make this announcement - we want them as much as you do and we are doing everything we can to continue production and get Drown in your ears. We don’t want to keep changing our delivery date - we will announce new dates and timelines as we get more information. Meanwhile, we are most concerned about the health and well-being of our employees, partners, and customers. Please stay safe out there. Thank you for supporting Drown.


David Law
CEO, Drown Ltd.