Drown Technology

1. Patented acoustic waveguides sculpt sound waves through a custom tactile system using scientifically tuned, high-quality graphene drivers.

2. Spatial awareness is created by nerve stimulation. This is how we perceive height, depth, and distance. Drown makes you feel like you’re in the game!

3. Physical awareness is created through bone and cartilage conduction. This is how we feel and perceive sound in the real world.

How it Works

The first audio pathway is a sculpted waveguide designed to deliver the soundwave cleanly into the ear canal. The second pathway is our unique tactile material that delivers conduction where the skin surrounding the temporal bone is thinner than tissue paper. The third is Drown’s spiral shape is designed to transmit vibration to the sensitive nerves in your outer ear. These three pathways deliver sound the way the human ear was meant to receive them, as both a physical and audio experience. Check out more info about Drown vs competitors and detailed product specifications.

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